Damian Garcia - Office Assistant & Spiritual Counselor

Civil Rights Law, Criminal Defense, Law Office of Derek Garcia

Damian assists his brother, Derek, as an office assistant and shares office space as a Spiritual Counselor. He helps his own clients, by appointment, with spiritual counseling, energy cleansing, and individualized guidance.
Damian shares his knowledge, experience and advice with personal readings using the individual’s energy fields and positive spiritualties. Damian practices daily Meditation using CDs and sound tones adapted to his personal energy fields in maintaining his own continuing personal health and well-being. Damian is a current Qi Gong student as part of his ongoing acupuncture maintenance program, striving to keep positive energy flow in balance; body, mind and spirit.
Damian has studied cultural and physical anthropology in the past. His current interest in energy work continues from knowledge gained in his past studies of indigenous spiritual histories, ancient world histories, cosmic phenomena, and current environmental concerns. Damian enjoys cats, and stays grounded and comforted by his special cat, “Snickers”.
For appointments with Damian, please call (505)-333-8030 (Area Code Required).