DeAndra M. Wilcox - Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Civil Rights Law, Criminal Defense, Law Office of Derek Garcia

My goal is to help answer any questions people may have regarding the process of their legal issues, and help guide them to make the proceedings less daunting. Having been born and raised in New Mexico, and currently raising my two children here, I understand how important it is to uphold justice in this great state. Too many times we see in the news how people's rights are violated by authorities and others. Also, being the daughter of a law enforcement officer, I saw first hand how the police, and those who swore to protect us, actually cause us harm. I've seen my father step up to those individuals, even when it put his own career in jeopardy. I aim to continue by the example that my father set, and hold those who believe themselves to be above the law accountable for their actions.

I am currently awaiting for my appointment to become a Notary Public, which I hope to be granted soon. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, and baking specialty cakes and desserts.